Auto Best Settings

Auto Best Settings

The Auto Best Settings feature in the Angel Algo toolkit enables users to automatically optimize indicator parameters based on their trading style and preferences. This feature simplifies the process of selecting optimal settings by offering predefined configurations tailored to different trading strategies.

For optimal results, consider using the Autopilot feature or stick with default settings to streamline your trading experience.

Available Settings

  1. Off:

    • Disables the Auto Best Settings feature, allowing users to manually adjust indicator parameters according to their preferences.

  2. Scalping:

    • Optimizes indicator parameters for short-term trading strategies aimed at capturing small price movements within a brief time frame.

    • Configurations prioritize sensitivity to rapid price changes and generate frequent signals suitable for scalping.

  3. Swing Trading:

    • Tailors indicator parameters for swing trading strategies, which involve holding positions for several days to weeks to capitalize on medium-term price fluctuations.

    • Configurations balance sensitivity to price movements with the need to filter out short-term noise, providing signals suitable for capturing swing trade opportunities.

  4. Trend Trading:

    • Adjusts indicator parameters for trend trading strategies focused on identifying and riding long-term market trends.

    • Configurations emphasize robustness and reliability, providing signals optimized for trend identification and trend-following trading strategies.

Selecting Auto Best Settings

To utilize the Auto Best Settings feature, users can navigate to the settings menu of the Angel Algo toolkit and locate the Auto Best Settings option. From there, they can choose the desired setting based on their preferred trading style:

  • For short-term trading strategies, such as scalping, select the "Scalping" option.

  • For medium-term trading strategies, such as swing trading, choose the "Swing Trading" option.

  • For long-term trading strategies, such as trend trading, opt for the "Trend Trading" option.

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