TradingView Alerts?

Combined Alerts

The combined alert is a single alert that incorporates multiple conditions. This allows bypassing the limit of one alert for free TradingView users.

Creating Combined Alerts In order to create a combined alert go to the Angel Algo settings, and scroll down to the Combined Alert section. Toggle all the conditions you want to include in your Combined Alert. Now create a new alert, in the first Condition drop-down menu select the Angel Algo indicator, in the second drop-down menu select Combined Alert, you can then create the alert.

Updating Combined Alerts If you already set a combined alert and want to change the indicator settings or want to change the set of conditions included in your Combined Alert. You need to delete the existing alert, make all changes in the Angel Algo settings and just create a new Combined Alert as described in the previous section.

Conditions for Activation

Users have the option to specify the conditions that trigger an alert through the condition menu. Here, they can select indicators and define a set of rules governing the alert trigger. The second dropdown menu determines the specific alert trigger conditions, while the other dropdown controls the elements or plots utilized for the conditions.

Indicators generate plots, which are visual representations used to establish alert conditions. Plots visualize series of values, conditions, and other data. It's important to note that indicators may produce multiple plots.

Below are the explanations for the available conditions to set custom alerts:

  1. Price: Trigger the alert based on specific price movements, such as crossing a certain threshold or reaching a particular level.

  2. Indicator: Set the alert condition based on the behavior of an indicator, such as crossing over or under a certain value.

  3. Time: Trigger the alert at a specific time or within a designated time frame.

  4. Volume: Set the alert based on changes in trading volume, such as volume spikes or decreasing volume.

  5. Pattern: Trigger the alert when a predefined chart pattern appears, such as triangles, head and shoulders, or flags.

  6. Custom Expression: Define a custom mathematical expression to trigger the alert based on specific criteria.

These conditions provide flexibility for users to create custom alerts tailored to their trading strategies and preferences.

Place Holders

Placeholders enable the retrieval of variable values in an alert message. These variables may include the closing price of a symbol ({{close}}), the timeframe of the chart where the alert is set ({{interval}}), and even the value of an indicator. You can achieve this by utilizing the {{plot("Name")}} placeholder, where "Name" represents the desired plot name for the value to be returned in the alert message.

Please be aware that the plot("Name") function must be included as part of the indicator chosen in the alert condition.

Warning Message

When setting up alerts with certain indicators like the Angel Algo indicator, you may encounter a warning message. This occurs due to internal Pinescript functions utilized in the script that might exhibit repainting behavior under certain configurations.

It's important to note that the alerts generated by the AngelAlgo indicators do not repaint. Therefore, you can proceed by clicking on "continue anyway."

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