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How do I get access?
  1. Sign up for any plan on our website

  1. Upon purchasing a subscription, you'll be prompted to connect your accounts for instant access.

  1. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to email support@angelalgo.com with your TradingView and Discord usernames. Our support team will promptly grant you full access.

Why don't I have access?

Please ensure that the username used to connect your TradingView account is accurate. If it is, refresh your browser/app and then check your invite-only scripts folder on TradingView.

If you've recently created a TradingView account while signing up for AngelAlgo Premium, it may take 5 - 10 minutes to be indexed in TradingView's userbase. Please wait and then try entering your username again within our Connect Account Whop user portal.

If you still lack access after following these steps, please email support@angelalgo.com or message us on our website with your email and TradingView username. Our support team will promptly grant you full access.


Which markets and timeframes are compatible with this service?

Our indicators are compatible with all markets available on TradingView, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. They operate seamlessly across all timeframes, including 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4H, 1D, and more.

The toolkits included in every plan are designed to cater to various trading styles, such as scalping, swing trading, and investing. They provide technical insights suitable for different trading approaches.

What is the accuracy rate of the signals provided?

We do not specify a specific win rate for our signals, as they are designed to be used as a part of your analysis process.

We offer two signal modes: Confirmation (the most popular) and Contrarian, to cater to different trading styles. These signals are intended to provide confluence within your technical analysis. It's important to note that they are not meant to be blindly followed, and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Is there any repainting behavior associated with the signals?

None of our toolkit indicators exhibit repainting behavior. All signals appear in real-time and remain confirmed and permanent on the chart once the candle they were generated on has closed.

Repainting refers to the phenomenon where past results of an indicator or signal change based on future data. While some indicators have this behavior for specific purposes, it's important to note that only a small fraction of our free indicators exhibit such behavior.

When is a signal considered confirmed?

In our exclusive toolkits, a signal is considered confirmed only after the candle has closed. This means that a signal or label may appear on your chart, but it is not confirmed until the current candle has closed, and the next candle has begun.

Our scanner alerts will not notify you of any signal until it has been confirmed by the closing of the candle. When setting up alerts for our toolkits in TradingView, ensure that you select "Once per bar close".

Do I need to upgrade my TradingView account to use Angel Algo?

There's no need to upgrade your TradingView account. Our toolkits function with full functionality on TradingView's basic plan (free). You can sign up for free here.

Is this beginner-friendly?

Certainly! Our VIP and Quarterly plans are excellent choices for beginners.

Each plan includes numerous tutorials and grants access to our highly engaged community. Within this community, users can receive 24/7 support, engage in strategy discussions, and participate in daily analyses using Angel Algo.

For those who seek more advanced capabilities, our Lifetime Plan is tailored for data-driven traders who wish to conduct more advanced backtesting.

Does Angel Algo support trade automation?

While our exclusive toolkits offer a wide range of features for discretionary analysis, we haven't specifically designed them for trade automation. However, it's hypothetically possible to integrate AngelAlgo indicators into automated strategies using third-party platforms via webhooks.

Please note that we don't typically provide direct resources for trade automation, as we believe indicators are most effective as supportive tools for decision-making rather than for fully automated trading.

Is it possible to utilize Angel Algo on MetaTrader 4/5 platforms?

Our exclusive toolkits, included with our paid plans, are specifically designed for use on TradingView, a free web-based charting platform. You can trade on any platform in real-time based on the charts generated on TradingView.

In the near future we will be adding scripts to MT4/5

Is real-time data available for all features?

Real-time data is supported for the majority of tickers on TradingView. However, a small portion of tickers, mostly futures contracts, may require a nominal monthly fee to access real-time data.

What advantages do the paid tools offer compared to the free indicators?

AngelAlgo stands as the premier provider of technical indicators.

Our exclusive AngelAlgo toolkits offer enhanced customization, a myriad of unique features, and are meticulously crafted based on years of user feedback. These toolkits are designed to provide the most comprehensive set of tools for your charts, surpassing the capabilities of standard free indicators.

What could be the reason for receiving the 'Study_not_auth' error?

The 'Study_not_auth' error typically indicates that the user does not have access to the indicator. If you've already registered your TradingView username within our Connect Accounts Whop portal and you're still encountering this message, try refreshing your browser or app and ensure you're logged in to the TradingView profile you entered.

If the issue persists, please email support@angelalgo.com with your TradingView username, and we'll grant you access immediately.

What could be causing the 'internal Server Study' error?

This error generally occurs when Tradingview can’t handle script loads under high traffic. This error can appear when a high number of features are enabled. Changing settings within the indicators, or hiding/unhiding it will make the script recalculate and potentially fix the issue.

We are always trying to improve the performance of the toolkit in order to limit these issues.

What could be the cause of the 'memory limits exceeded. The study allocates X times more than allowed' error?

The 'memory limits exceeded' error typically occurs when a TradingView study surpasses the memory limit set by TradingView. This error is commonly encountered when using timeframes below the 1-minute timeframe.

To prevent potential errors with our premium toolkits, we advise users to stick with minute and higher timeframes.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing the 'Manage Memberships' section on the Whop website. Alternatively, you can reach out to support@angelalgo.com, and our team will assist you promptly on the same day.

Upon canceling your subscription, you will retain access for the remaining duration of the plan you purchased, and you will not be charged again.

How can I reactivate my subscription?

To reactivate a subscription that you previously canceled, you can simply purchase a plan again on our pricing page.

Once you've selected the plan you wish to subscribe to, ensure that you log in on the first screen using the same email you used for your previous subscription. This will enable you to reactivate your subscription seamlessly.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

To upgrade your subscription, simply log in to our Whop website.

Once logged in, select the plan you wish to upgrade to, and a pop-up modal will appear with the details.

We automatically convert any remaining time into a value of days on your new plan, ensuring that you have an extended period on your newly upgraded subscription.

How do discounts function?

For special limited-time offers, discounts are automatically applied and displayed on the pricing cards. These discounts are applicable for the first payment of your subscription only.

Additionally, you can enjoy up to 50% off the total monthly price by opting for annual payment on our plans.

Is there a free trail?

No, we have published free custom indicators on our TradingView profile, providing an opportunity to test our work before making a commitment.

Will there be any changes to the subscription price in the future?

No, the price you subscribed to is the price you will maintain indefinitely as long as you remain subscribed. We guarantee that we will never alter the subscription price for our existing members. All members will be grandfathered into the initial subscription price they signed up for, regardless of any future price adjustments.

Please note that any coupons used on angelalgo.com are applicable only for the first billing interval of your subscription. Subsequent billing intervals, apart from the first one, will be charged at the full price of the chosen subscription.

How long does it take to gain access after purchasing?

Access is typically granted immediately after you sign up. Upon signing up, you will be prompted with a Whop portal to access our exclusive community and receive access to our toolkits. If you missed this prompt, please check your confirmation email for a link to connect your accounts and gain instant access.

Ensure that you enter your TradingView username correctly within our Whop Connect Accounts portal. Once done, it should appear instantly on your TradingView account under your "Invite-only scripts" folder after refreshing TradingView in your browser or app.

If you encounter any difficulties, please reply to your confirmation email with your TradingView username, and our support team will promptly ensure you have full access.

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