TradingView is a premier online platform for traders and investors, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to analyze, discuss, and trade financial markets. With its user-friendly interface and powerful charting capabilities, TradingView empowers users to conduct in-depth technical analysis, explore a vast array of indicators and charting tools, and share trading ideas with a global community of traders. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced investor, TradingView provides the essential features and insights to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the financial markets effectively. Join millions of traders worldwide and experience the unparalleled versatility and convenience of TradingView today.

This platform serves as the home for our exclusive Angel Algo toolkits. By creating a free account on TradingView and subsequently signing up on our website, you gain instant access to utilize our powerful toolkits.

How To Create a Tradingview Account

To register for a TradingView account, visit the TradingView homepage. Select "Sign in" located at the top right corner of the page, then click on "Sign up" at the bottom of the window. You can create your account using your social media profiles or an email address.

How To Check Charts

To access a chart on TradingView, simply click on 'Supercharts' located at the top left of the website after logging in.


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