How to Optimize the Algorithm's Settings

How to adjust the settings of the algorithm to optimize the stock and timeframe of your choice
Once the algorithm is added to your chart, hover over the script name and click on the gear icon to pull up the settings menu.
The two settings users can adjust are Sensitivity and Aggression. To decrease the number of signals you get, you would increase both settings to their highest settings of Very High and 5. To increase the number of signals triggered, you would decrease both settings to Very Low and 1.5.

We now have "Auto Best Settings" you can just toggle on now.

A good starting place for users to begin when optimizing settings is to start at the least amount of signals triggered (Very High and 5) and slowly adjusting the settings until the Buy signals move as close as possible to the bottom of the candles and move the Sell signals as close as possible to the top of the candles.
Our Discord server has 50+ optimized stock settings on various timeframes to be an example of what users should strive for when optimizing their own stocks.