Angel Algorithm's Buy and Sell signals

Angel Algorithm's proprietary trading system uses AI to calculate signals based on multiple levels of confluence including price action, volume, and various indicators.
Angel Algo's Buy and Sell signals are intended to be used as trend identifying signals to help bolster traders' technical analysis when entering and exiting positions. *Note: Signals are not intended to be taken blindly*
  • Buy Signal: Indicating a possible entry but not confirmed until the candle closes.
  • Sell Signal: Indicating a possible exit/take profit and might be a trend reversal taking place but not confirmed until the candle closes.
You need to understand Angel Algo buy & sell signals are meant to be used as trend confirmations, not direct entries & exits

Strong Signals

Our Strong Signals help you identify even greater times to enter a trade, you will be able to toggle these on with our normal signals
Below you will see the strong signals working